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A place to share your own blogger, share a favorite, or discover something new.
Hey all. Kuripan here. As I was searching through blogger I was wishing there was a better system to discover new blogs. I'm always looking for new and interesting people to follow but I feel so limited in ways to find them.

Maybe I just don't know. Either way I wanted to start an LJ community where people can come to share their own blogs, share a favorite, or discover a new one. I'm hoping this will develop into a friendly community full of heart!

Some rules:

*profanity to a minimum. Right now the content level is set to no adult content (or something like that) but depending on the kind of audience that pulls in here it might be changed.

*try to be friendly. there are plenty of places to bash people. i'm hoping this will be somewhere we can all encourage each others success and make friends.

*no spamming. this might be hard to define since as bloggers we'd love to promote ourselves, but just keep it within limits and use common sense.

OF COURSE you are free to share blogs not hosted on blogger. Personal domains, livejournal accounts, even those in different languages are extremely welcome! Youtube accounts as well! But for the YT accounts I would prefer you to be sharing your own account.

Any questions send me a pm or email me at kuripannn[@]gmail[.com]